Secure and private

Your data security and privacy is our top priority.
We encrypted and securely store your data on world class cloud provider.

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Your data security and privacy is our priority.

The most important task in our business is to make sure that your data is private and secured.
We implement best practice to keep your data as it should be kept.


Your data has been encrypted with bank grade EV SSL 256 bit provided by GeoTrust True Business ID with has a data loss warranty. It takes decades if not hundreds of years to decrypt your data.

On the Cloud

We simultaneously store your data on multiple servers across Asia on Microsoft Azure and auto back up every 5 minutes. You can also export your data at anytime. It’s very difficult for data loss.

Access Right and log

เWe have limited access to your data and all of the activities on the system is logged. Every action are traceable.

Never loss your data

Be in Time Machine.

We automatically back up your data every 5 minutes. You can be sure that your data never lost. In case of emergency, we can recover the most recent one.

Be everywhere

We keep you data on multiple servers in multiple geolocations. So if the whole planet does not breaking, we can still recover your data from somewhere.

On the Trusted Cloud

Encrypted Data

Your data is encrypted in end-to-end, both data transmission from the web and data stored in our database. It's always encrypted and secured. So even if someone got your data, they cannot open.

Certificate Rich

Our selected cloud server, Microsoft Azure, is trusted by most comprehensive security and privacy compliances in the world. More certificates than any cloud provider.

Know who do what?

Access control

You can manage access of your user to your data. Not everyone need to know everything.

Log activities

Every action in PEAK is traceable. You know what who do, when he do it. Should anything gone wrong. We know who the culprit!

Our Security is Beyond Question

There are many more things PEAK can do. We want you to see for yourself
how PEAK can help you business grow and grow together with us.
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