"Automagically organize business
information and make it elegantly useful."

This is our mission. To achieve this mission require a lot of time and energy.
We are willing and enjoy take on the mission that we can improve people live.

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Who we are ?

We are a team of passionated people who share the same believes.

One believe is that “Human don’t need to do so many things as we see human do today". Many of the tasks in business world can be automated. And we want to automate those tasks. We believe we did not just deliver a great software that automate things. We deliver more time of lovers to those they loved. We deliver more time for people to take better care of themselves. It’s not about software. It’s about people.

Another believe is that “Information make people live a better live”. We know the power of information. Especially in a business world, we people can make more use of business information. But the problem is there are too much information and not present in human friendly format. We make  business information be more accessible, more beautiful, and more useful.

Awards and Recognitions

Some of the recognitions for our humble team since we start.

Our team

Here is the team that help free you from accounting and help you business grow. 

Peem Petchged

Chief executive officer

experienced accountant, ex-banker and ex-lecturer in accounting

Sutatpan Vindubrahmanakula

Chief technology officer

experienced software engineer with expertise in security and huge system.

Bhannathorn Sangsuk

Customer Success Manager

experienced accountant

Charlie Deesarapad


talent software engineer with expertise in API connection.

Fai Usa


CPA and CFA1 from PwC. Help provide insight about UX for accountant.

Passakorn Thongtae

UI/UX Designer

talent designer with expert in User Interface Design and Multimedia

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